samcastle said:
Hey could you do a David Tennant/Catherine Tate Lauren Cooper gif set when you get a chance?

Yes, of course! I’ll try and post it next week :)

Hey guys! I’m so sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I promise I’ll come back with new gifsets as soon as possible! :) x

- Are you sure it’s safe to be sending large amounts of money to someone you’ve only been chatting to for a few weeks?
- Tanya, there’s something you must understand. Islam means love…

E is for eternal suffering evermore, and… elephant.

Madam, read the sign!

"Our employees and visitors are entitled to be here without threat of abuse or rude language.”

Anonymous said:
can you do a photoset of when Nan talks about knitting a sign telling the woman to go fuck herself? :)

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